Protect your AirPods in an original way with a case

AirPods are Apple's popular wireless headphones, but their design is relatively fragile. In order to get extra protection and to personalize your Apple product, you can opt for the purchase of a shell.

A case, which can be made of the most varied material, is placed around the AirPods. It protects them against drops, scratches and dust accumulated over time. But in addition to playing a useful role, it also offers its users an original, and particularly attractive, look.

In this article, we will guide you in choosing an original case for your AirPods.

What type of case to choose  ?

There are hundreds of different AirPods cases on the market. Although not all of them are designed with the same purpose, they all have a number of advantages:

  •     They enhance the design of AirPods and make them more stylish
  •     They provide good protection for the AirPods
  •     They make them easier to carry thanks to their weight and shape

Here are three of the main types of shells available on the market :

  •     Silicone case : This is the most common type of shell. This one is usually made of rubber or soft gel and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. This type of shell is easy to put on and remove and is very sturdy.
  •     Leather cover: Leather covers are made of natural leather and offer extra protection for AirPods. They are usually available in classic colors such as black, brown and red.
  •     Hard plastic cases: These cases are made of hard plastic and have a clip for easy carrying. Some are printed with colorful patterns and can be personalized with a logo or image.

When choosing your case, make sure it's compatible with your AirPods model. You may also want to consider the style and color of your shell to make sure it fits your personality and lifestyle.

Where to find an original AirPods case ?

There are many places where you can buy an original case for your AirPods. The first option is to store in-store or online at Apple or other suppliers. Prices may vary depending on the type and design of case you choose.

You can also opt for specialized websites that offer unique and customizable shells for your AirPods. For example, SHOPTACASE offers shells made from high-quality rubber that are available in a variety of colors and styles. It is also possible to order custom shells with a unique logo or image.

How do I care for my case ?

If you want your shell to stay in good condition for as long as possible, make sure you follow a few simple rules:

  •     Avoid leaving your shell in direct sunlight.
  •     Only clean it with a soft, dry cloth.
  •     Do not immerse it in water or use detergents.
  •     Remove the case before charging the AirPods.

By following these few guidelines, you can be sure that your case will stay in good condition for many years.

Buying a case to protect and personalize your AirPods is a great idea. Not only will it protect your earphones from bumps and scratches, but it will also give them a stylish and personal look. There are covers in every color and style imaginable, which means there's something for everyone.

Now that you know how to choose and care for your shell, you just have to find the right one for your style and budget!